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When is STEVIA the Best Sugar Replacement?

Consuming too much processed sugar is a common cause of obesity, mood swings, and sicknesses such as diabetes. That means that it’s important to use a healthy replacement for the processed sugar in your food and beverage recipes. Stevia and a variety of stevia-based sweeteners are typically on the list of alternatives, but is Stevia the best choice? It’s good to know if and when Stevia should be used as a replacement for processed sugar in your recipes and with your meals. … Continue readingWhen is STEVIA the Best Sugar Replacement?

Eating the PALEO Way for Optimal Health

The popular Paleo Diet is based on the philosophy that the key to good health is eating minimally processed, whole foods. It centers around eating plenty of meat and vegetables while avoiding dairy, grains, refined sugar, alcohol and all the other “processed” foods that became popular along with industrialized agriculture (… after the Paleolithic period). … Continue readingEating the PALEO Way for Optimal Health

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