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Category: Staying Healthy

How to Make Whole Grains Truly Healthy

Some of the nutrition gurus have been saying that we should reduce our intake of grains, especially foods that contain processed grains such as white flour. They suggest that we should eat more food with Whole Grains such as whole wheat bread, and use more whole wheat when baking bread and cookies. Whole wheat also provides more healthy fiber. Unfortunately, however, new research shows that whole grains contain a nutrient-blocker so you getting little or no benefit from substituting expensive whole grain ingredients for the processed grain alternatives in your recipes. … Continue readingHow to Make Whole Grains Truly Healthy

Eating the PALEO Way for Optimal Health

The popular Paleo Diet is based on the philosophy that the key to good health is eating minimally processed, whole foods. It centers around eating plenty of meat and vegetables while avoiding dairy, grains, refined sugar, alcohol and all the other “processed” foods that became popular along with industrialized agriculture (… after the Paleolithic period). … Continue readingEating the PALEO Way for Optimal Health

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