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[Video] A Workout With the Kids

Use this easy and popular exercise video to have fun with the kids … it keeps you motivated, too. Take breaks when you need to, and try to make it a daily routine. Good for all ages, and pay special attention to the titles: Mountain Climbers, Green Light/Red Light, Drop/Jump/Punch/Skip, Crab Walk, Bear Crawl, Bicycle, Star, Stretching and more. Then let the kids be creative with their own exercise ideas. … Continue reading[Video] A Workout With the Kids

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When Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Here are the results of a great “workout test” carried out by Molly Wood to learn if the newest generation of fitness apps and calorie counters can be used effectively to replace the traditional role of a personal trainer. She identifies the “Top 4” apps from her point of view and explains why having a personal coach may be worth the extra expense, in some cases. … Continue readingWhen Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

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